Thursday, December 11, 2014

What Is Customer Relationship Marketing Actually?

Now, bussiness had been growing faster than before. We often hear about customer relationship marketing. What is it actually? Well, customer relationship merketing (CRM) is one of branch from bussiness strategic which is using management information system (MIS) to integrate marketing, bussiness, and customer satistaction strategic.

Customer relationship marketing is really important from bussiness now because thecustomer relationship marketing has be able to make company or bussiness action closer with customers than before. When the company is closer than before with customers, it will increase customers satistaction. It is just a first step. Then, customer satisfaction will bring income bigger than before. It just grab customers loyality. Because today, bussiness is about demand. And demand has made by people. Generally, in customer relationship marketing has three steps. First, customer relationship marketing grab the new customers. Second, when the companies that using customer relationship have the new customers, they must be increasing relationship with customers. Then, the last, they will be keeping their customers.

Customer relationship marketing is compatible with online bussiness system. Like we know, today, bussinesses are not only using offline form. But also online form. We can say online form like making sites. When companies are making sites their customers come from offline and online. To make customer relationship marketing easier than before, they need apllications about customer relationship marketing. Simplicity of applications will cut so many difficult things like customers database. Customers database is so crowded. We can get the lists like: name, address, age, born place, hobby, income, and etc. Some sofwares to running customer relationship marketing are many. In the lists, we have: Vtiger, Salesforce, Zoho, and SugarCRM.

Because it is many companies that use CRM, they need to understand “footnote” about CRM using. When their customers give personal info, the companies must keep their privacy. If customers privacy have known by other side that do not want get any responbility, it is dangerous. It is dangerous because your customers can get any disturbing materials from other sides. And then, your customers can be victim of scam from other sides too. Of course, it is making your customers satisfaction less than before. In the dramatic case, they can leave from your company and say it to somebody else. Not only decrease your income. But also prevent other people to be your customers. We can say it one of word of mouth (WOM) effect.

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